Thematic Units

MMM’s goal is to provide easy-to-use, sustainable products and tools to assist educators and parents in creating fun, meaningful and appropriatelearning experiences for children. MMM provides everything needed in a convenient format to bring existing curricula alive. All of MMM’s materials are grouped into theme-based units based on standards for early education. Each unit covers 18 fundamental, educational concepts around a common theme as follows:

  • ABC’s & Much More – Readiness skills are essential for successful early education. This thematic unit focuses on the essential skills needed for a jump start to literacy and setting children up for success in their first years of school by stressing the alphabet, sounds, and letter recognition; counting up to 100 and skip counting; color recognition, mixing colors and spelling color words: and understanding basic shapes through 8 sided polygons.
  • The Amazing Body – Maintaining a healthy body and mind is essential to the learning process. Body basics come to life with this fun and exciting unit. Children will learn to have an appreciation for and increased knowledge of their bodies, their senses, health, hygiene, healthy eating, and the food groups. This thematic unit focuses on self-appreciation and staying healthy which are fundamental in every child’s development.
  • Cool Creatures – Teaching children to have an appreciation for, and knowledge of, creatures that share our world is important for development. This thematic unit focuses on the love and care of pets, how farm animals help us, the habitat and characteristics of wild animals, the uniqueness of water creatures, bird characteristics, and facts about dinosaurs.
  • It All Adds Up – Learning fundamental concepts in math, science and social studies will help children build on previous learning to construct new knowledge and ideas of the world around them.  This thematic unit focuses on the concepts of data analysis, numerical operations, currency, geographical concepts, nature, and our solar system.

  • Early Spanish Adventures – Learning Spanish comes alive with this fun and exciting way to develop basic spanish vocabulary andphrases addressing; manners, everyday greetings, counting, shapes, alphabet, colors, days of the week, months, telling time, community locations, family members, body parts, clothing, food, kitchen, school items, and animals.
  • Early Mandarin Adventures –Same as the Early Spanish CD above, but in Mandarin!



Supplemental Curriculum Kits

Our theme-based Supplemental Curriculum Kits are the perfect companion to every early education program. Teachers who value creative ways to engage children in the classroom will enjoy the detailed lesson guides, numerous colorful visual aids, hands-on manipulatives, creative activity sheets, and comprehensive parent guides. MMM’s original, up-beat, curriculum based music, partnered with movements and visual aids addresses all learning styles: kinesthetic, visual and auditory. Each kit includes a Teacher Resource Manual with 18 lessons, corresponding 20-song Music CD, and Companion Data CD containing a combination of hundreds of visual aids, manipulatives, activity pages, and other resources.

Home Connection Kits (Bilingual English/Spanish & English only) 

Parental involvement is a critical component of educational success. To better enable this involvement, MMM’s Home Connection Booklets empower parents to reinforce classroom teaching and provide a basis for meaningful parent-child interactions. Each Home Connection Kit contains 18 lessons from the thematic unit and includes the following documents: lesson Parent Guides containing suggestions for furthering the learning along with song lyrics and movements; lesson Activity Sheets; and learning Manipulatives. Each Kit also includes MMM’s Companion Take Home Music CD’s with the same 20 songs in the corresponding Teacher Curriculum Kit which enable families to continue classroom learning at home through the standards based music. The Home Connection Kits (booklet and Music CD) are available in either a Bilingual (English/Spanish) version or English only version.

Music CD’s (All in English or Bilingual Version!!! ) 

MMM prides itself on the use of original curriculum based music utilizing multiple songwriters and performers of diverse culture, gender and age thus bringing a variety of musical styles and performances. Each music CD contains 20 songs which have been created specifically for the 18 lessons in each thematic unit. By partnering the standards based lyrics with prescribed movements, children can further their learning experience while improving fine and gross motor skills, coordination, rhythm, sequencing, and following instructions. As a stand-alone learning tool, or combined with any of the other MMM products, MMM’s music CD’s make learning fun.

Activity  Books 

Designed to further the learning, our Activity & Coloring Books reinforce lesson concepts taught in each Thematic Supplemental Curriculum Kit by bringing concepts alive with creativity, imagination and involvement. Over 150 pages of simple activities and recognizable blackline masters will delight children and give them hours of pleasure as they reinforce thematic unit knowledge, build confidence, and make learning fun. These books are great for the classroom or at home.

Read-along, Sing-along, Learn-along Books 

These delightful and engaging picture books bring songs and early reading skills to a new dimension through vivid illustrations, engaging narration, and fun-filled music. Each book contains a companion CD, sheet music, song lyrics and movements, and imagination pages to reinforce comprehension and bring the story and learning alive.  Books are available standard size or bundled with 4 smaller sized version books for small-group learning centers. (Currently available for Cool Creatures Jungle Safari only).