Company Bio’s

Lisa Reynolds, MBA
Lisa Reynolds, founder of Music, Movement & Magination (MMMKids), has over 20 years experience in project management. She holds a BS and an MBA. Although Lisa enjoyed the private sector, it was her passion and love for children that led her to make a career change and dedicate herself to instilling a love for learning in children. She has been an active instructor, trainer and presenter for MMMKids since the company’s inception in 2004, reaching thousands of children, parents and educators. Lisa is dedicated to bringing fun, engaging learning techniques that instill a child’s natural love for learning. Lisa has a daughter and resides in Chandler Arizona.
Alice Burba, MEd.
Alice comes to the field of education after working as a Child Welfare Training Consultant for over 25 years training educators, professionals and caregivers about the needs of children. As a training consultant, Alice has developed and implemented a variety of curricula specializing in Child Development, Brain Development, and the Effects of Trauma on Development. Alice’s Bachelor Degree in Social Work and Master Degree in Education, paired with her years of experience, give her a unique foundation to teach adults about the needs of children. As a musician and singer, she has always believed in the power of music to move and teach. Alice has three children: Zachary, Luke and Monica, admittedly her best teachers about kids.
David Burba, BSCS
David Burba is the major force behind MMMKids’ music and technology. His contributions include writing, recording, singing, and instrumentation for many songs. He is the owner of Barking Dawgs Studios, where nearly all of the MMMKids music is recorded. David has played in various dance, bluegrass, blues, and other styles of bands around the Phoenix area for over 25 years. David holds a Computer Science degree from Arizona State University. Besides music creation, David is our IT specialist and does our Website, Flash/iPad/iPhone development, and much of our graphics work. MMMKids has allowed David to combine many of the skills and talents he has developed over the years, and apply where he truly believes he is making a difference in the world! David and Alice’s three children all use their musical gifts to help MMMkids as well!