Cohen and his lawyer have stated that trump isnt involved with this in anyway. YOU CANNOT BIND SOMEONE TO SOMETHING IF THEY ARE NOT A PARTY. Lets say the contract said TRUMP CANT WEAR THE COLOR RED. British Royalty at Polo Match, Smiths Lawn, Windsor, Britain Jun 1987 Mandatory Credit: Photo by (135830b)Princess Diana AND RONALD FERGUSONBritish Royalty at Polo Match, Smiths Lawn, Windsor, Britain Jun 1987fashion obsessed corners of the Internet have come across the pre Internet icon, who, in a darkish turn, gained a fresh fandom after her death: There she is, in bike shorts; oversized sweatshirts; the check this thick, white socks that creep up her calves; plus sneakers so iconically hideous not even Balenciaga can ever fully reincarnate them. Her activewear could be closer read than a Wallace Stevens poem. (What do those socks mean? Is ribbed cotton a metaphor for the human condition?) But it’s her denim that has enthralled me.

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