When you speak a word you have to think about it first

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileIt’s a hypothetical scenario that seemed ever so slightly less hypothetical this week: what would happen if the New Brunswick government defaulted on its debt?A report by the Dominion Bond Rating Service said the agency was shifting its assessment of New Brunswick’s economy from “stable” to “negative” reflecting a worsening fiscal outlook for the province.DBRS said it’s all but certain it will downgrade the province’s credit rating, which would lead banks to charge the province higher interest rates on the money it borrows. The province expects to spend $675 million on debt interest charges in the coming year.Concerns about province’s fiscal choices don’t surprise finance ministerThat designer replica handbags , in turn, would make a balanced budget, and a reduction of the total accumulated debt, even harder to achieve.But what is likely to unfold if that downward spiral continues and the province finds itself unable to even make interest payments?Don Drummond found himself among top civil servants grappling with that question in 1991, when he was an assistant deputy minister in the federal Department of Finance in Ottawa.Saskatchewan’s debt had jumped in a single year from 17 per cent of GDP to 28 per cent. Banks were threatening to stop lending the province money.Drummond and other officials “did a lot of internal work at that time trying to figure out first of all what [our] obligations were, in terms of the constitution and in terms of the legality,” he said in an interview.They also discussed whether Ottawa would have “almost a moral obligation” to bail out a bankrupt province, given Saskatchewan’s collapse might scare off investors from Canada as a whole.Roy Romanow’s newly elected NDP government was in touch with Ottawa about what might happen.”There was, as I recall, some talk of a provision which would allow the federal government to move in and kind of act as a bankruptcy trustee https://www.luxuryreplicabag.com ,” Romanow said.Roy Romanow, a former premier of Saskatchewan, says his advice to Premier Brian Gallant is to devise a plan of tough measures and do it.

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