Training Descriptions

MMM offers a variety of on-line and on-site training for educators.

Module #1:  MMM Product Integration (5 sessions)
Focus Designed to address the needs of Teachers and Staff in effectively using MMM products.
Audience Classroom Teachers and Aides using the MMM products.
Workshop 1 Using MMM Supplemental Curriculum Kits
This workshop provides hands-on, concrete information of how to utilize and integrate all components of MMM Curriculum Kits and Products into the classroom environment including alignment with current curricula and state standards.
Workshop 2 MMM Advanced Preparation
Participants will learn the importance of advanced preparation for successful and comprehensive use of the MMM teaching tools.
Workshop 3 Maximizing the Use of the MMM Products
Participants will discover key strategies for using MMM Products to engage children, manage behaviors and differentiate between learners. Utilization of various components for different goals and purposes will be the focus.
Workshop 4 Working with Special Populations
Participants will learn and discuss strategies and tools for using MMM Products to meet the unique needs of those children in special education, English Language Learners, and other diverse populations.
Workshop 5 Bringing Standards Alive
This workshop addresses the challenges of bridging the gap between standards-based teaching and bringing fun to the classroom. Participants will discover strategies of using music and movement to address standards as well as infusing fun into the classroom.
Module #2:  Theoretical and Fundamental Concepts (4 sessions)
Focus Providing theoretical foundations for successfully meeting the needs of early learners.
Audience Teaching Staff and Administrators
Workshop 1 The Magic of Music & Movement
This workshop presents an overview of the theory and research backing the strategic use of music, movement and visual aids in the classroom.
Workshop 2 Developing Child – Developing Brain
This workshop focuses on child development for children ages 3 to 8, highlighting the unique physical, cognitive, emotional, and social needs of children in this age range. Furthermore, this workshop presents current research on brain development.
Workshop 3 MMM & Literacy Development
Participants will explore how the MMM products can creatively facilitate literacy growth in phonemic awareness, alphabetic principle, accuracy & fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.
Workshop 4 Unlocking the Potential of Learning Styles
This workshop centers on differing learning style theories and encourages participants to reflect on their own learning styles and how that impacts their choices in teaching. Furthermore, this workshop will address the power of music, movement and visual aids in addressing multiple learning styles.
Module #3:  Leadership Development (2 sessions)
Focus Developing key selected staff members to serve as MMM Coaches, facilitate training new teachers and lead the MMM Early Literacy Outreach Program
Audience Teaching Staff and/or Administrators selected to be leaders of the MMM program
Workshop 1 MMM Coaches Training
This workshop focuses on the development of site “coaches” to support and encourage successful implementation of the MMM Program.  Participants will learn coaching skills, training other professionals, and how to utilize MMM support when needed.
Workshop 2 Champions for Literacy
This workshop focuses on the MMM Early Literacy Outreach Program that integrates with the MMM curricula materials. Participants will learn how to engage the community by developing “Champions for Literacy” in their area through use of the Home Connections Kits and Family & Community Involvement trainings.
Module #4:  Family and Community Outreach (3 sessions)
Focus Engaging parents and the community as partners in educating children.
Audience Parents, Community Members and Teachers
Workshop 1 Using the Home Connection Kits
Families will learn how to get the most benefit from the various tools in the Home Connection Kits.
Workshop 2 Every Moment is a Teachable Moment
Participants will learn strategies to strategically reinforce educational concepts at home.
Workshop 3 Your Developing Child
This workshop seeks to address and review basic child development with parents and caregivers in order to empower them to meet their child’s educational and well-being needs.