The vetiver is quite prominent

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Photography. A fun show. A child of Puerto Rican parents, studied music until the responsibilities of getting married and having a child forced him into odd jobs and eventually the New York City Police Academy. He became a designated National Anthem singer for the NYPD, and was only two blocks away from the World Trade Center when it collapsed..

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Sheridan, who strutted in front of Powell, had slicked back hair and large thick glasses. Although he was wearing an expensive suit, he still looked sloppy due to the excess weight he carried around his waist. Mutt and Sheridan had missed each other by a year or so in Clinton Penitentiary, but Mutt knew of his reputation.

But, according to S., the anonymous reader who e mailed me this question, the real instigator of her husband’s onset of PMS is SDD, or sex deficit disorder, defined by S. As “how the male attitude/personality changes when they haven’t achieved what they consider the appropriate frequency of sexual encounters.” Hmm. Men getting crabby when they don’t get enough sex? Shocking.

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