The subway, also known as the two sheet, is larger but not

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Búzios Armação
⏱Data: 27/10 to 29/10

It is a peninsula with eight kilometers of extension and 23 beaches, receiving on one side currents the maritime currents of the South Pole and the other, the sea currents of the south pole browse around this site , which causes beaches to have both warm water and water. The tourist exploration and real estate occupation of the place began after the international fame given to Búzios by the French actress Brigitte Bardot, who visited her in
Amount per person: R $ 550.00 (installment payment, deposit in current account). Children from 4 to 7 years pay R $ 350.00 Children from 8 to 12 years pay R $ 450,00 ✳Children up to 3 years in the lap no Book your vacancy – Limited vacancies

♀Breakfast with breakfast, luxury bus, Sunday lunch, excursion Schooner, Trolley Tour, Toasts, Transportation Guide: Boarding: Taquara, Marechal Hermes, Vila Valqueire, Sunday Lunch (self Serves without balance + soft drink one of the best restaurants in Buzios)

Travel Insurance

-Albufeira and Saturday dinner
-Beings or food bought separately

– kangas
– Sunscreen
– Bathing clothes
– Objects
You are allowed to enter < br> CONTACTS:
RODRIGO 964408842 – LEANDRO 970443581 – VERA 37340632


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