The move could put pressure on other CEOs expected to attend a

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cheap moncler Is no longer a place that welcomes immigrants.The White House said in a statement Thursday evening that did not mention Uber that Trump the importance of an open dialogue with fellow business leaders to discuss how to best make our nation economy stronger.The move could put pressure on other CEOs expected to attend a meeting with Trump on Friday. General Motors Co said its chief executive would attend, while Walt Disney Co cheap moncler coats said earlier Thursday its chief executive would not attend because of a long planned board meeting.Others expected to take part include the CEOs of JPMorgan Chase Co, Blackstone Group LP, IBM Corp and Wal Mart Stores Inc. Others that are moncler sale part of the council include Tesla Inc CEO Elon Musk, PepsiCo Inc CEO Indra Nooyi and Boston Consulting Group CEO Rich Lesser.Musk cheap moncler said he would attend the meeting. cheap moncler

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