Tesla technology has come under fire in the US after drivers

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canadian goose jacket Audi says its A8 limousine will allow a driver to take their hands off the wheel and canada goose outlet uk their eyes off the road at urban speeds, as the car navigates the traffic.Audi board member Dietmar Voggenreiter told journalists at canada goose outlet canada the Paris Motor Show the company three autonomous mode would be released in Europe next year.Stage three would operate at speeds of up to 65km/h.are allowed to take your hands off the wheel, the car is braking, accelerating, changing lanes, overtaking and you can really read a book or whatever you canada goose outlet online uk do, he says.If the car detected a potential hazard or emergency it would alert the driver, who would then have to take the wheel.A driver, right, takes his hands off the steering wheel of an autonomous vehicle during its test drive in Singapore.obviously depends on how the regulations will allow these steps, he says.Voggenreiter argues that an autonomous car would be safer than one manned by a human.than 90 per cent of accidents are caused by human faults so the forecast is that the number of accidents would go down, he says.That in turn would lead to cheaper insurance premiums for motorists.The leading car canada goose outlet new york city companies are racing to match and then overtake the automation already offered by US electric car maker Tesla, canada goose outlet uk sale which offers an autopilot function, where the car can steer and change lanes on its own.technology you buy in every Audi is more or less the same technology you have in the Tesla car but canada goose outlet nyc we don call it pilotic driving system, we call it assisted driving system because it doesn really allow you to drive hands free, he says.Tesla technology has come under fire in the US after drivers have taken the promise too literally and taken their hands off the wheel, in one case with fatal results.Voggenreiter says Audi would take canada goose outlet store uk legal responsibility for the safety of the driver.you take over responsibility and allow the driver to canada goose factory outlet take off their hands then you are responsible. This is not big news, this is part of the legal and regulation side, he says.Dieter Zetsche, CEO of the Daimler AG, stands next to the Mercedes EQ concept car at the Paris Auto Show. canada goose outlet parka Picture: AP / Michel EulerSource:APMercedes Benz, BMW and Volvo are also close canada goose outlet black friday to debuting automated technology.Mercedes Benz chairman Dieter Zetsche says the company is ready to offer autonomous driving far as we can safely and legally go is looking to release its first automated vehicle in 2021 and board member Ian Robertson says the company is transforming from being an automotive company to a technology business canadian goose jacket.

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