Sanders said he envisions the role of private insurers only

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canada goose coats on sale Sanders, et al. Want all Americans enrolled in a single, generous, government run or single payer plan with no private insurers offering their own similar, competing policies. Sanders said he envisions the role of private insurers only for “cosmetic surgery, you want to get your nose fixed.” (To be clear, this is not how Medicare currently works; the program relies heavily onprivately run insurance plans.). canada goose coats on sale

uk canada goose Anxious discussion took place inside the Japanese government, especially after Tokyo learned that the Soviet Union was joining Japan’s enemies and canada goose outlet store near me invading Manchuria. Even after the second bomb was dropped, half of the Japanese leadership wanted to continue the war, hoping that the casualties that they expected to inflict on the Americans during landings at Kyushu would produce a change in American objectives. canada goose outlet boston It was in the face of an evenly split group of leaders that Emperor Hirohito insisted that surrender was the only possible course. uk canada goose

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