NELSON: Well, his name is Horst Seehofer

Ticat veteran, who had never been here before, walked hesitantly across the track at Alumni Stadium looked around a little dazedly at the garish, checker board end zone, and said, ‘so this is home, eh?’Make the best of it, because the slightly bemused, fish out of water, expression that was on many of the Ticats’ faces as they filed off their buses from Hamilton dressed in practice gear and carrying their pads is the same expression that visiting teams will have this year. Only they won’t have the rest of the season to get used to it as the Cats do.field advantage at Guelph started Saturday morning with that bus trip, and you could tell that partway through the Cats’ black and gold practice, they had become accustomed to their surroundings. There is still a game day procedure to go through, true, since the Cats, and the opposition, will dress in specially modified portables near the adjacent field house.And that’s not as rinky dink as it sounds.

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canada goose coats on sale I read this article on the “Critical Care Air Transport Team and traumatic brain injury” with a great interest [1]. Boyd canada goose outlet online store et al. Noted that “Air transport personnel must be prepared to provide standard critical care but also care specific to TBIs, including ICP control and management of diabetes insipidus. Although these patients and their potential complications are traditionally managed by neurosurgeons, those providers without neurosurgical backgrounds can be provided this training to help fill a wartime need.” I agree that in the critical situation and resource limited (such as remote area or war zone), the use of available facilities and personnel is better than doing nothing or waiting for the specialty. For the military clinical practice, the question is on the skill of the medical military personnel. There should a specific training for any medical military personnel on this specific subject, which is different from non military ones canada goose coats on sale.

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