Higgins, who represented NTSB in New York in the early stages

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The engines on the ditched airliner were designed to withstand a collision with a bird weighing up to 4 pounds. Some more recent jet engines are required to withstand a bird weighing up to 8 pounds.But a large Canada goose can weigh almost twice that much.”They’ve got to deal with the certification standards for these engines based on the size of these birds,” said former cheap canada goose jacket NTSB board member Kitty Higgins.Higgins, who represented NTSB in New York in the early stages of its investigation into the Jan. 15, 2009, accident, said the board considered recommending to the Federal Aviation Administration last summer that aircraft engines be required to cheap canada goose outlet withstand the impact of larger birds.However, a decision was made to defer a recommendation until the investigation into Flight 1549 was complete, she said.Another concern was that damage to the A320 from the force of hitting the river prevented the rear escape slides from being used to evacuate passengers a serious problem could have proved costly if circumstances had been a little different, Higgins said.Air crashes involving water landings have become so unusual especially for planes not flying over the ocean that until Flight 1549 there had been little emphasis on preparing for them.

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