Earl Grey tea may not contain the same amount of caffeine as

Ask yourself: If I’m not going to take care of myself, who will? Just like working out, taking time for this self care practice can do a world of good for your body. Studies have shown that mediation may sharpen memory, ease chronic pain,reduce depression and anxiety, improve sleep, and more. “It has to do with committing to ourselves,” saysGoldstein..

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Caffeine is known as a central nervous system stimulant that can be found commonly in coffee. Earl Grey tea may not contain the same amount of caffeine as coffee, but it’s enough to boost your energy throughout the day. What makes it better is that it provides a stress relief effect, soothes your body, and lets you fall asleep at night..

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By the end of the year, Linds was telling a reporter that she feels confused by the bad press and by the media. The picture, posted by gossip blogger Perez Hilton, was accompanied by a caption asking the question, K new look. Thoughts? decided to chime in among the thousands of other commenters, am confused, she said of Kim K hairdo..

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