Brendan Rodgers’ issues at Celtic will have no bearing on

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replica bags online I don’t need to go on any more about it.”Stability is always important especially for football players. Every now and again, as a coach and a manager [you do it].”It’s always important to stabilise the emotions of players.”I’ve done that a number of times and, like I say, what is said at Celtic will always stay within. It’s nothing major.Brendan Rodgers’ issues at Celtic will have no bearing on Champions League clash insists AEK boss”Just a stabilising effect that ensures we continue on the same direction.”While the majority of Rodgers’ troops are now straining at the leash to get at the Greeks, Boyata is back in Glasgow not contributing to the cause.The Belgian is at the centre of a storm after a bid from Fulham was kicked out.Boyata’s agent Jacques Lichtenstein launched a furious tirade at Celtic for not selling and then said his Designer Replica Bags client would refuse to play through a slight back injury, despite the fact tonight’s clash is pivotal in the season and a number of his colleagues are fighting through the pain barrier themselves to feature replica bags online.

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